Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cornwall, cream teas and campervans...

Now I am a massive fan of all three!

 I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Cornwall where the landscapes are wonderful, the beaches are close, the ice cream is delicious and I can have a cream tea whenever I wish with lots of Cornish clotted cream (which I indulge in all too often...)

I'm also lucky enough to own a VW Campervan-but unfortunately we are not rich enough to own a split screen!

If we were we would own one just like this! Beautiful!

However ours is still handsome and just a little bit younger, being a 1976 Type 2.She is called 'Merle' (as it was my Mothers middle name-tee hee!) and she is cream and white. She is lovely but I cannot put up any photos of her just yet as she is in a dry storage facility being slowly and lovingly worked on by my lovely James-when the day comes for her to emerge she will adorn this page often...!

So this morning, with Cornwall, Cornish cream teas and VW Campers on my mind, I set to work to create a lovely and inspired tea cosy! She is available in my Folksy shop-just click on the link below for more details.

It just seemed fitting for it to be as retro-styled as possible! What do you think?


  1. It's gorgeous, love campervans and love Cornwall. Haven't had a proper Cornish Cream Tea in ages!!

  2. Fantastic! That fabric is ACE. Love what you've done with it.
    Found your blog via Folksy. It's lovely : )