Friday, March 5, 2010

Babies and how many projects?!

As some of you may know, I'm expecting my third baby in June, who will be my first baby boy! I was a bit surprised at first and a little panicky, as I have two girls and I like being a Mummy to girls! Once I had got my head round it I decided to make it up to the little chap by making him some beautiful things full of Mummy love......
That has led to there being three projects on the go at various stages of completion! This is not like me, as I usually finish one before starting the other! I cannot make my mind up whether it is to do with being pregnant or just the sheer scale of the projects I have decided to do (all of which I have never tackled before...)
I have never made a quilt, but as I needed to do something for my City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting course, I wanted to do something I hadn't made before, so a babies quilt seemed a good idea at the time. It is still being hand quilted (I have an exceptionally sore finger) and it is terribly hard to photograph due to it's size and colour-but here is my first ever quilt in the making stages!

 I have also only ever knitted as a child under my Mums watchful eye and guidance. Sadly my Mum passed away a year a go, so there will be no crocheted blanket from Grandma. I cannot crochet, but I did remember how to knit-hence I set myself the challenge of knitting a blue and white squared cot blanket! Goodness knows if I am doing it the correct way, but I'm doing it-slowly!
As you can see-I have lots of squares to go yet!
My third baby project is to either make this lovely little man a duvet cover or a quilt for his bed. I know he's not even born yet and I'm thinking of single bed sized projects, but I just couldn't let this fabric get away from me, never to be seen again when I wanted it! Impatient, I know, but very worth it!

And with this beautiful fabric I am going to add these lovely checks and ginghams. Who says boy stuff can't be pretty?!

Have I taken on too much? I hope not, and hopefully the time I have left until he makes his arrival is at least enough time to make his cot quilt and blanket. Then I can set to work on his sisters' quilts and make a decision on whether he gets a homemade quilt or duvet...or both!


  1. Goodness, yes, you've taken on a lot ! But all so wothwhile , and it doesn't matter if he arrives before it's all finished.
    My second grandchild is due end of July, so I'm going to be busy with knitting needles and crochet hook - we won't know the sex till it's born.

  2. Wow, you are keeping busy, the quilt looks lovely! & the robot fabric is really cool - he's going to be a lucky little chap I think!

  3. Loving the quilt and the choice of fabrics :)