Friday, March 19, 2010

The joy of second hand furniture and personalising things!

My lovely man has the same tastes as me, so shopping for our home is hardly ever an issue  if we can afford it (unless we both want everything we see and love as there is no one to curb the other one!). We both love real wood and old furniture, and as our home needs a bit more storage with our girls growing and our new baby coming we had to go and get some new chests for our bedroom. That was meant to be it....
However, how could we resist this? It's a lovely old cheesebox and just so pretty! It looks lovely next to our free rocking chair (which I have yet to make a seat pad for...)

Now I had said to James that we didn't need anything else, however, he gave me his boyish grin and took my hand and led me round the corner of this lovely shop to show me a huge dresser top! Last week we bought a dresser top for the kitchen, but as he rightly pointed out, that one was small enough to fill the dining room wall once painted (it's currently burgandy...) and would be perfect for making the dining room look lovely and homely. Whereas this big and imposing beast would better suit our kitchen-so I agreed...
 Now James is slightly impatient, so the dresser top is already up before we have decided whether to leave it as it is or to sand it down and paint some of it. What do you reckon?
 Now all we have to do is resist going back for the old captains chair and a hall lamp table...!

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  1. Love the cheesebox! Boxes are just so practical, I can hide all sorts of things in them.