Friday, March 26, 2010

A kitchen theme...First 'Folksy Friday'!

I've had a funny week this week, filled with late pregnancy issues that have made it difficult for me to sit or walk with so much hip pain! However, being me I have slowly soldiered on....!
We decided we would paint the dresser top as it was so dark and the wash on it kept 'washing' off on to our belongings! I think it's looking better, but may need another coat and some distressing to make it really show off!

Then I set to making my Mother-in-Law a little extra present for her 60th Birthday which I had started at the sewing group I go to. I really love it! Just wish I could commit myself to making my own tea cosy, but I cannot decide on a design!

Which led me to thinking, if I had the money (I wish!) what lovely handmade items could I find to fill our dresser top? I turned to Folksy for a bit of dreaming and committed myself to my first ever 'Folksy Friday'...

These gorgeous personalised egg cosies from 'Tiddely Pom' would be fab on the dresser-one for each of us!
These lovely cards by 'Lucy Player Graphic Design' would look lovely in frames dotted about!
This beautiful spotty pouring bowl by 'Penny Spooner Ceramics' is already in my favourites....
And of course for my chef of a husband this beautiful pestal and mortar from 'Bodrighy Wood' would keep him very happy!

Now I'm pretty certain I could never put a pot on this delightful pot stand by 'forestpoppy', but it would look lovely hanging on a decorative hook on the dresser!
I have thoroughly enjoyed my first Folksy Friday and hope I have inspired some kitchen love!


  1. I just lurve your teacosy! it looks fantastic and i'm jealous of your sewing class, there's not even a textiles course anywhere near me .... fabby finds, those egg cosies and the pot stand are so pretty :0)

  2. You have the same taste as me. Unfortunately I am married to a 'Put it all away' man. I may get rid of him one day. But I have been saying that for 41 years!!! He is good at washing the floor tho so I may keep him!!

  3. How funny Jean-I'm the 'put it all away' person, so the dresser top was a bid to get James half way there whilst making it look pretty! As you can see it does need filling up!

  4. The egg cosies would really make you smile in the mornings!

  5. Oh that spotty bowl is gorgeous. Fab first Folksy Friday x

  6. Claire - thanks so much for picking my pot stand. I really like your teacosy. It is such a pretty design. I'm sure your mother-in-law will love it. Juliex

  7. Love your choices - especially the pot stand. Elaine