Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I just love making cushions and having them around my home. I love making them to sell too! There's nothing nicer than a cushion to snuggle up to and my little girls love to give them as presents to their friends and getting me to tailor them to their friends interests. This week I made a really pretty pink girly cushion which is now listed in my Folksy shop alongside some other lovely cushions. I just wish I could get a clearer photo of it, or am I just a perfectionist?

I love my beautiful cowboy cushions too that I listed a while back-it seems that people don't buy for their little boys bedrooms though,which is such a shame! My little boy is going to have just as many home made lovelies as my little girls have-I have all the robot fabric slowly building up for quilts, bunting and of course CUSHIONS!

This snuggly little selection adorn some of the rooms in my house and I still have lots on my 'to do' list to work through!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Folksy Friday-Sugar!

Ok, so it seems an odd theme. And I am terribly naughty as I haven't blogged since last weeks Folksy Friday. I haven't made anything for my shop either-generally on the surface it looks like I am not getting anywhere doesn't it? But I have been busy with my college course, doing all the bits I find boring (spent this morning painting white to colour, black to colour and grey to colour scales-with a grumpy face and a bad mood!). I am so bored and tired and need a little pick me up-which has involved me raiding the cupboards for sugary stuff!
So I thought it was better to raid Folksy for sugar instead (can't get a sugar crash from that I hope...)

I'm not entirely sure if my sugar craving is actually satisfied, or if I will finish this last bit of college work, but at least I've had a bit of a break and a chance to procrastinate (as obviously it is something I need to practice....!)