Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Patchwork quilts

I am desperately, desperately, desperately trying to make a little girls cot quilt/yummy lap quilt. However, it seems EVERYTHING, including my baby son is trying to stop me this week! I have managed to piece the top together in stolen moments. I finally managed today to lay it out ready to baste together when a friend turned up, so I had to put it away! Maybe tomorrow will be more fruitful? I am planning on quilting it entirely by hand, so it may take a while to finish....

Monday, September 20, 2010

quilting, sewing...feeding baby!

Being a Mum is only glamourous if all you have to do is pass on your genes and then employ someone else to help you bring your kids up!
I have desperately been attempting to be Wonderwoman and have accepted, eventually, that it is not possible. So my days recently have been alternating between trying to encourage children to pick up after themselves (meaning myself and James end up doing it!) or saying 'sod it!' and sewing instead (making more mess to clear up). Plus, of course, trying to feed my little man who feeds every 3 hours still (but sleeps 9 at night so NO complaining).
I have managed however to finish Jacobs playmat (apart from the robots faces...)

And 6 lovely campervan cushions in 3 different designs

And of course spending time feeding the cherub!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Craft Fairs and feeling stressed!

A lovely friend of mine runs a 10 day Art Exhibition and Craft Fair, and it's pretty amazing. However, with Jacob  being so small I felt very wary about doing it. Instead my lovely Mother-in-Law took over and with James' help set up a collective stall of wares! Sues bunting was a big hit!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Far too busy-apparently...

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last blog! I think I have a valid excuse though, as baby Jacob came early on the 29th May, weighing 6lbs 13 and a half ounces! He is very good, but takes up my entire 24 hours with feeding, changing and lovingly gazing at him-which has increased now as he is really smiling!
It is amazing how much he has changed!

So this week, somehow, somewhere, I have snatched a few 20-30 minute sessions to sew his playmat. Well, start it at least, as he is currently lying on his quilt I made for him-which although gorgeous, it isn't very bright as you can see!

I found it so hard to decide on colours because it was only getting snippets of my attention.

Doing the robots was a bit of a challenge...

But the finished centre panel is pretty good-even if I do say so myself! Just got to decide on what to do for a border next...

and give the robots their faces...and hand quilt it....hope he isn't 5 before I finish it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I just love making cushions and having them around my home. I love making them to sell too! There's nothing nicer than a cushion to snuggle up to and my little girls love to give them as presents to their friends and getting me to tailor them to their friends interests. This week I made a really pretty pink girly cushion which is now listed in my Folksy shop alongside some other lovely cushions. I just wish I could get a clearer photo of it, or am I just a perfectionist?

I love my beautiful cowboy cushions too that I listed a while back-it seems that people don't buy for their little boys bedrooms though,which is such a shame! My little boy is going to have just as many home made lovelies as my little girls have-I have all the robot fabric slowly building up for quilts, bunting and of course CUSHIONS!

This snuggly little selection adorn some of the rooms in my house and I still have lots on my 'to do' list to work through!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Folksy Friday-Sugar!

Ok, so it seems an odd theme. And I am terribly naughty as I haven't blogged since last weeks Folksy Friday. I haven't made anything for my shop either-generally on the surface it looks like I am not getting anywhere doesn't it? But I have been busy with my college course, doing all the bits I find boring (spent this morning painting white to colour, black to colour and grey to colour scales-with a grumpy face and a bad mood!). I am so bored and tired and need a little pick me up-which has involved me raiding the cupboards for sugary stuff!
So I thought it was better to raid Folksy for sugar instead (can't get a sugar crash from that I hope...)

I'm not entirely sure if my sugar craving is actually satisfied, or if I will finish this last bit of college work, but at least I've had a bit of a break and a chance to procrastinate (as obviously it is something I need to practice....!)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Folksy Friday-Looking for Summer!

Although it has rained a bit today, I still feel like the past few weeks of sunshine have hinted at summer...and that means my garden will be awash with beautiful flowers, there will be BBQ's and water fights with my little girls and of course my new lovely baby will be here! With this on my mind today I thought it would make a lovely Folksy Friday theme!

Come on Summer-bless our days with sunshine!