Monday, July 19, 2010

Far too busy-apparently...

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last blog! I think I have a valid excuse though, as baby Jacob came early on the 29th May, weighing 6lbs 13 and a half ounces! He is very good, but takes up my entire 24 hours with feeding, changing and lovingly gazing at him-which has increased now as he is really smiling!
It is amazing how much he has changed!

So this week, somehow, somewhere, I have snatched a few 20-30 minute sessions to sew his playmat. Well, start it at least, as he is currently lying on his quilt I made for him-which although gorgeous, it isn't very bright as you can see!

I found it so hard to decide on colours because it was only getting snippets of my attention.

Doing the robots was a bit of a challenge...

But the finished centre panel is pretty good-even if I do say so myself! Just got to decide on what to do for a border next...

and give the robots their faces...and hand quilt it....hope he isn't 5 before I finish it!


  1. Ahh, Jacob is gorgeous!

    I love your quilt; very stylish - but I'm sure he'll love the bright colours of his new playmat so much too. Hope he sleeps well so you get some time for your crafting!

    Sharon x

  2. Looking good. You'll settle into a routine and find more time to do things for yourself.
    Our first was very early too. 4lb6 and after eventually coming out of SCBU took up a lot of our time. Butwe found a routine that worked.

  3. Jacob is gorgeous, definately worth gazing at.
    The quilt is beautiful, lovely colours. Am now a follower. Linda

  4. Oh, he's such a darling! ♥
    I love the quilt too. :-)

  5. Congratulations! Baby Jacob is gorgeous!

    Beautiful quilt, love the robots and rockets playmat, but amazed that you've found the time. I just remember sleeping or trying to get on top of the mess when I had my first. ;-)

    Ttake your time - it would make a wonderful wall hanging as well. And I hope you get lots of rest.

    Sam x (A Simple Melody)

  6. He is beautiful! Lovely quilt too - I am sure he will love the fun theme and bright colours. Look after yourself.

    Jacqueline x

  7. Your little boy is gorgeous, and how lovely that he allows you to do some sewing! The quilt is fab - he'll love it....just make sure you finish it!! BTW, how did you get on with the blind? Was it approved?