Monday, September 20, 2010

quilting, sewing...feeding baby!

Being a Mum is only glamourous if all you have to do is pass on your genes and then employ someone else to help you bring your kids up!
I have desperately been attempting to be Wonderwoman and have accepted, eventually, that it is not possible. So my days recently have been alternating between trying to encourage children to pick up after themselves (meaning myself and James end up doing it!) or saying 'sod it!' and sewing instead (making more mess to clear up). Plus, of course, trying to feed my little man who feeds every 3 hours still (but sleeps 9 at night so NO complaining).
I have managed however to finish Jacobs playmat (apart from the robots faces...)

And 6 lovely campervan cushions in 3 different designs

And of course spending time feeding the cherub!

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  1. He's a little cutie! And I so agree with 'sod it and sew'lol