Monday, March 29, 2010

Photographing and adding new items to my shop-eek!

Today (despite the awful grey weather) I decided to go for it on my own and take some photos of the things I have been making so that I could list them in my shop. Sounds relatively simple? It's never simple with me!!

 The weather really is awful today, so I have trotted around my house trying to find a good spot with some natural light. Not entirely sure how successful I was, but I picked a spot and started taking some pics. Then of course my battery went on my camera! So whilst it charged I thought I'd put some eggs on to boil for my lunch (trying to eat good proteins for baby).
Being a relativley impatient person when it comes to getting things done I did try to sneak a few photos inbetween chargings! I was all engrossed in attempting to create beautiful photos to show off my work and guess what? Yup, I forgot about my eggs boiling merrily away! Never mind-egg sandwiches are just as yummy as a dippy egg and soldiers! At least I managed to list a few items today....



Would love to know what you think!


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. It gave me a strange sense of de ja vu reading your latest post. Ive had exactly the same problem this morning with lighting and taking pics and also made Max a bolied egg for lunch, lol! Your Mia bag is my favourite x