Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gardening and sunshine.

Once upon a time when I bought my new-build house (about 4 years ago...) I was pleasantly surprised to find it had a large garden (50ft x over 60ft is big for a new build! Plus a 20ft front garden!). I have always loved gardens and with my Mothers guidance I embarked upon planting and landscaping. I had very little money, so most of it was grown by mine and my girls own love and care from seeds and tiny plug plants (far cheaper than buying established plants!).
Two years ago we decided to rent our house out as my Mum became very ill with lung cancer and as she lived directly opposite we felt it better to be somewhere else locally to relieve some pressure off our girls. Now unfortunately our tenants weren't garden lovers....
Last October the pull for my own house became too strong, especially as we were living in a rotting and damp smelly house! I yearned for my lovely home and we decided to go back.
How wonderful this Easter then to have such gorgeous weather and the time together to really go for it in our garden! James has worked amazingly hard-especially as plants and gardening are not really his interest-but he has indulged me and helped me as I am 7 months pregnant and lacking in dexterity and stamina at the moment! The girls have been amazing at weeding too.

I think we still have several days worth of work to go to clear the weeds and grass from the flower beds, but the removal of brambles (half of them are in James' hands and arms...) and the tidying of trees and shrubs has made a major difference!

Here James has finally got to the last bit of our old Cornish stone wall which was overgrown level with his head with grass and brambles and goodness knows what else!

     Here is just one of the piles of weeds and brambles and plant prunings....

           An almost cleared bed and some pruned plants-hope they survive!
                                            James building his herb planter!

The finished and planted up herb box-just needs some more slate chippings and some gorgeous chives.

Heres hoping that this lovely weather continues and that our flowers, herbs and vegetables grow well this year!


  1. I was just thinking what GP has said. We have been busy planting too, alas not in our own garden which is all lonely and waiting for a new tenant but in our quaters. Still the veg patch is in place.
    We had lots of brambles to clear, horrible prickly things, funnily though i'm the pregnant wife I found it was me clearing them!!
    Good luck with the rest of pregnancy and garden. xx