Sunday, April 25, 2010

Machine Embroidery City and Guilds

I decided to take three (yes three) City and Guilds this year to fill up my week and improve my sewing skills. It certainly filled up my time, and although I didn't learn as much as I expected to I picked up a few things from some other lovely students in my class and made two FANTASTIC friends in the process. (I am hoping to feature them on my blog in the future as their work is just sooo lovely!).
This week I finished my final piece for my Machine Embroidery and I am thrilled with it. The downside to it is that it has to be handed in, along with the mountain of paperwork and samples that go with it and I probably wont see it again until June (after the verifier has been and marked us all-eek!!). I really really want to list it for sale on my Folksy shop (well, actually, I wanted to keep it, but his lordship pointed out that I will be carrying a baby nappy bag for a while and it would just sit looking pretty but unused...).
Anyway, I really wanted to share it's journey of construction with you all!
Working the machine embroidered sand...long process!

Skip forward a few hours and there's layered and embroidered sea and an appliqued brolly, deck chair and's coming together!

A sand castle and a spade-quite fiddly to embroider neatly, but I managed it

Phew! A finished panel of embroidery-drawing with a needle is NOT easy or quick!

A bag front appears....

Followed by a large zipped pocket and a funky lining!

All assembled and enjoying the sunshine!

Fingers crossed for a good grade!!


  1. well done, that's lovely. You should get it back in time to list it for the summer holidays.

  2. Good luck and judging by that pretty little bag I am sure you will sail through with the verifier